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WWE Bray Wyatt Biography

Wyatt was a third-generation retired American professional wrestler best known for his tenure in WWE.

Bray Wyatt

He performed under the ring name Bray Wyatt and followed in the footsteps of his grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, father Mike Rotunda (IRS), and uncles Barry and Kendall Windham

Bray Wyatt Real and Stage Names 

Windham Lawrence Rotunda was Bray Wyatt real birth name. 

However when he began his career in WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), in 2009, his stage name kept on evolving from;

  • Alex Rotundo (2009)
  • Duke Rotundo (2009-201)
  • Husky Harris (2010-2012)
  • The Fiend (2019-2021)
  • Bray Wyatt (2012-2021, 2022-2023)

Windham Lawrence Rotunda

This was the real name of Bray Wyatt off the stage.

Bray Wyatt age

Bray Wyatt was born on May 23, 1987 and died at the age of 36 years old as of 2023. The cause of death was not revealed.

Bray Wyatt Education 

Bray attended Hernando High School in Brooksville, Florida and graduated in 2005 after which he proceeded to College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California. He left college after two seasons to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Bray Wyat Marriage and Affairs

Bray Wyatt was married twice.

His first marriage was to Samantha Rotunda from 2012 to 2017. However, Samantha filed for divorce in 2017, alleging that Bray had cheated on her with WWE announcer JoJo Offerman.

As if to confirm Samantha’s allegation, Bray began dating jojo in 2017 and they actually got engaged in 2022 but Bray passed away in July 2023 before they could formally get married.

Bray Wyatt Wife

Bray Wyatt was married to Samantha Rotunda for 5 years from 2012 to 2017.

Bray Wyatt Children

Bray had 4 children in total, 2 daughters, Kendyl and Cadyn with Samantha and 2 children, a son named Knash and a daughter named Hyrie with JoJo.

Bray Wyatt Brother

Bray Wyatt’s brother is Taylor Rotunda, who is better known by his ring name Bo Dallas. They are both third-generation professional wrestlers, following in the footsteps of their father, Mike Rotunda, and their grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan.

Bray Wyatt All Elite Wrestling (aew)

Just before The House of Black (Malakai Black, Buddy Matthews, and Brody King) defended the AEW Trios Championships against The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn in Wembley Stadium, they as well as Paquette on zero hour pre-show paid tribute to Wyatt who was a former co-worker of both Matthews and Black. On HoB emergence, Matthews revealed a lantern in his hand, reminiscent of the one belonging to Wyatt, and placed it on the ground in front of them. AEW’s observation group then dispatched their condolences to the own circle of relatives of Wyatt, noting that they will by no means overlook the legacy that Wyatt carved for himself within the expert wrestling world.

Bray Wyatt Return

Wyatt made his main roster debut in 2010 as a member of the Nexus, a stable of rookies who attacked John Cena and other WWE veterans. However, he was released from the Nexus in 2011. Wyatt returned to FCW in 2012 and was repackaged as Bray Wyatt.

He was portrayed as a cult leader with a mysterious past. He quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers in NXT, and he was called up to the main roster in 2013.

Bray Wyatt Mask

The mask was made of white leather and has a large, red smile. There are also black stripes and symbols on the mask. The mask was said to represent Wyatt’s dark side and his inner turmoil. The mask was designed by Jason Baker, who was also the creator of the Firefly Funhouse puppets.

Baker said that he wanted the mask to be “unsettling and creepy”. He also said that he wanted it to reflect Wyatt’s “inner demons”. The mask has been a popular part of Wyatt’s character helping him become one of the most unique and memorable wrestlers in WWE history.

Bray Wyatt Wrestling Family

The Wyatt Family became a expert wrestling strong in WWE originally composed of Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan as well as Luke Harper. They debuted in WWE’s then developmental branch NXT in November 2012, with Harper and Rowan going on
to take the NXT Tag Team Championship win.

Bray Wyatt Dad and Grandfather 

Bray Wyatt’s father was Mike Rotunda, better known by his ring name IRS. He
was a professional wrestler who competed in WWE from 1984 to 2003. He was a
two-time WWE Tag Team Champion and a one-time WWE Intercontinental Champion.

His grandfather Blackjack Mulligan too was a professional wrestlers

Bray Wyatt Height

Bray Wyatt was 6 feet 3 inches tall, or 1.91 meters tall with a large and
imposing figure in the ring portrayed and characterized as a larger-than-life figure that helped him to dominate his opponents.

Wyatt’s height was also part of his character. He was often portrayed as a
larger-than-life figure, and his height helps to create this illusion.

His height also makes him a more intimidating figure, which helps him to get heat
from the crowd be unique and a memorable wrestler with the advantage of that physical attribute that helped him to connect with fans.

Bray Wyatt Net Worth

Wyatt’s annual salary in WWE was around $1 million. He also earned money
from merchandise sales and pay-per-view bonuses. He was released from WWE in
July 2022 while estimated to be worth around $2 million, but he is expected to
continue his wrestling career and earn more money in the future as he still has
a lot of potential.

WWE Bray Wyatt News

Bray Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) passed away unexpectedly at the age of 36 on August 24, 2023.

  • September 2023: WWE announced that they would be holding a tribute show to Bray Wyatt on SmackDown on August 25, 2023.
  • September 2023: Several WWE superstars have paid tribute to Bray Wyatt on social media, including Roman Reigns, John Cena, and Braun Strowman.
  • September 2023: WWE released a statement on Bray Wyatt’s passing, saying that he was “a brilliant and gifted performer” who will be “deeply missed.”

Bray Wyatt Famous “Windham Rotunda Quote”

“Wrestling is not a love story, it’s a fairy tale for masochists. A comedy for people who criticize punchlines. A fantasy most can’t understand, a spectacle no one can deny.”