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Susan Wojcicki Biography

Susan Diane Wojcicki, born on July 5, 1968, in Santa Clara County, California, is an American business executive with a prominent career spanning over two decades in the technology industry. She served as the chief executive officer of YouTube from 2014 to 2023. Wojcicki, a graduate of UCLA Anderson School of Management, has made significant contributions to the tech sector.

Susan Wojcicki

Her father was a physics professor at Stanford University, and her mother was a teacher. Susan grew up in the Stanford, California, area and later studied history and literature at Harvard University (A.B., 1990), economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (M.S., 1993), and business at the University of California, Los Angeles (M.B.A., 1998). When she returned to Silicon Valley in 1998, she rented out garage space in her Menlo Park home to the newly incorporated Google Inc., which briefly used it as the company’s first headquarters office.

Susan Wojcicki Google Inc | YouTube

Google had re-located to more conventional office space by the time Wojcicki went to work for the company in 1999. She was previously working with Intel Corporation, Bain & Co., and R.B. Webber & Co. Her work as Google’s first marketing manager was to find ways of generating revenue from the company’s signature search engine. Susan first big success came in 2000, with the debut of AdWords, the clickable text-only advertisements that appear on Google search pages.
Several of her subsequent successes at Google came from the purchase and nurturance of start-up companies in the field of Internet advertising. With the start of the AdSense system and the acquisition of Applied Semantics, both in 2003, Google became a broker of online display advertising.The AdSense system placed appropriate advertisements on participating Web sites for a fee. When an advertisement was viewed or clicked on and agreed-upon conditions were met, the Web publisher received some of the money that the advertiser had paid to Google. Her responsibilities greatly increased in 2008 with Google’s acquisition of the company DoubleClick. Among other capabilities, the DoubleClick system installed cookies that tracked preferences of Internet users for the benefit of advertisers. Google kept pace with the rapid proliferation of smartphones when Wojcicki organised for the purchase of the mobile advertising network AdMob in 2009.

Wojcicki first was involved with video sharing in connection with the launch of Google Video in 2005. The following year she supervised for the purchase of rival YouTube, an equally new venture that was enjoying greater success. The YouTube brand name was kept, even after the company became a Google subsidiary. Wojcicki, who was elevated to senior vice president at Google in 2010, moved joined YouTube in 2014 and became the company’s CEO later that year. She then became head of an operation that claimed to have more than one billion monthly users.

A parent herself, she was a strong advocate of paid parental leave. Anne Wojcicki who is a leading entrepreneur in the field of personal genomics, is her sister.

Susan Wojcicki Age

Susan Wojcicki was born in July 5, 1968. She is an American technology executive. She is 55 years old as in year 2023

Susan Wojcicki Family|Father(Stanley Wojcicki)

Wojcicki is daughter to Esther Wojcicki who is an educator of Russian-Jewish descent, and her father Stanley Wojcicki who is a Polish American physics professor at Stanford University. Susan has two sisters: Janet Wojcicki, who has a PhD, anthropologist and epidemiologist and Anne Wojcicki a founder of 23andMe. Wojcicki grew up on the Stanford campus with George Dantzig as a neighbor. She schooled in Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California, and wrote for the school newspaper.

Susan Wojcicki Marriage

Wojcicki is married to Dennis Troper the two couple got married in August 23, 1998, in Belmont, California. The couple have five children. On December 16, 2014, when she was about to take her fifth maternity leave, she wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the importance of paid maternity leave. Wojcicki is often quoted talking about the importance of finding balance between family and career.

Apart from being a US citizenship she is a Polish citizen. Her grandfather by the name Franciszek Wójcicki, was a People’s Party and Polish People’s Party politician who had been elected MP during the Polish legislative election,

Susan Wojcicki Education

She studied history and literature at Harvard University and graduated with honors in 1990. Susan Wojcicki originally planned on getting a PhD in economics and pursuing a career in academia but she changed her plans when she discovered an interest in technology.s

Susan also received her Master’s of Science in economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 1993 and a Master of Business Administration from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1998.

Susan Wojcicki Net Worth

She has a net worth of $480 million.

Susan Wojcicki House

Susan Wojcicki is looking back to   her old home in Menlo Park, Calif.

She says “It’s a very humble house, less than 2,000 square feet,” she remembers fondly. A cozy, four-bedroom home — and incredibly historic.

Susan Wojcicki Garage

When she returned to Silicon Valley in 1998, she rented out garage space in her Menlo Park home to the newly incorporated Google Inc., which briefly used it as the company’s first headquarters office.

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