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Shirley Temple Biography

Shirley Temple was an American actress, singer, dancer, businesswoman, and diplomat. She was  Hollywood’s number one box-office draw as a child actress. 

Shirley Temple Photo

Shirley Temple Age

She was born on 23  April  1928 in  Santa Monica, California US and died on 10th February 2014.

Shirley Temple Early Life

She is the third born child of  Homemaker  Gertrude Temple and bank employee  George Temple. The family belonged to Dutch, English and German ancestry. She had two brothers  John and  George Jr. The family relocated to Brentwood, Los Angeles.

Temple got encouragement from her mother, who often encouraged her to practice singing, dancing and acting. In September 1931 she enrolled her in Meglin Dance School in Los Angeles.

She was spotted by Charles Lamont who was the casting director for Educational Pictures. She hid behind the piano while she was in the studio. Lamont signed Temple a contract in 1932.

Shirley Temple Career

Fox Film writer recognized Temple when she was dancing in the movie theatre lobby. He arranged for her to have a screen test for the movie’ Stand Up and Cheer’.She arrived for the audition in December 1933. She won the part and was signed for $150 -per week. This guaranteed her for two weeks by Fox  Film Corporation.

The role was a breakthrough performance for her. She was immediately ushered into a corporative office after finishing  ‘Baby Take A Bow’.This was a song and dance she performed with  James Dunn.

On 21 December  1933, her contract was extended at $150  per week. Her mother was hired as a hairdresser and a personal coach at $25 per week. In 1934 the film ‘Stand Up And Cheer’, was released. This was a breakthrough for Shirley, becoming a symbol of wholesome family Entertainment.  In June her success continued when she was loaned out to Paramount for ‘Little Miss Maker.

After the fame of three movies, Shirley parents realized their daughter earned a little salary. Her images started to appear on numerous commercial products without her legal authorization. On 18th July 1934, the contractual salary raised from to $1, 000 a week. Her mother’s salary also raised to $250 a week. Furthermore, there were added bonuses for every movie finished which was $15,000.

On  28thh December  1934 ‘Bright Eyes ‘ was realized. This was the film that featured Shirley’s talent. Besides, the realized movie there was also a song named ‘On The Good Ship Lollipop. The song was introduced in the movie. It sold 500, 000  sheet-music copies.

Shirley Temple Award

In  February 1935  she became the first child star to be awarded a miniature  Juvenile Oscar for her film accomplishment. She also added her footprints and handprints to the forecourt at Grauman’s Chinese  Theatre a month later.

In 1935  Fox Film came up with Twentieth  Century Pictures to become  20th Century Fox. Producer and head studio  Darry I.F Zanuck focused his attention and resources on cultivating Shirley Superstar status. She was recommended as the greatest studio asset. Nineteen writers, known as Shirley Temple  Story Development Team, they made 11 original stories and some classic adaption of her.

Shirley Temple Radio Career

She also had her own radio series on CBS. Junior Miss debuted  March 4, 1942. The series was based on Sally Benson Stories. It was sponsored by Procter  &Gambie.

Shirley Temple Television Career

Between 1958 to 1961 Shirley narrated a successful NBC  Television.   She also had a son who featured in an acting debut in Christmas episode”Mother Goose”.

She continued working on television shows, making guest appearances on the Red Skeleton, Sing Along with  Mitch and other shows. In 1999 she hosted the AFI’S 100 years …..Stars awards show on CBS . In  2001 she served as a consultant on an ABC -TV  production for her autobiography.’ Child Star and  Shirley Temple  Story.

Shirley Temple life After Hollywood

She became an active Republican Party. In 1967 she ran unsuccessfully in a special election in California. She became the second runners up with 34,521  behind Republican law school professor  Pete McCloskey. He earned 52, 882. The post was to replace the eight-term Republican   J. Arthur  Younger.

In addition to that, she was involved in the Commonwealth  Club of California. This was a public affair forum headquartered in  San Fransisco. She was also appointed to the delegate as the 24th  United Nations General Assembly. he was appointed by President  Richard  M Nixon and  United States Ambassador to Ghana by President  Gerald  R .  Ford.

Shirley Temple Personal Life

In 1943, a 15-year-old Temple met John Agar (1921–2002), an Army Air Corps sergeant, physical training instructor, and member of a Chicago meat-packing family.[97][98] She married him at age 17 on September 19, 1945, before 500 guests in an Episcopal ceremony at Wilshire Methodist Church in Los Angeles.[99][100][101] On January 30, 1948, Temple bore a daughter, Linda Susan.[99][102][103] Agar became an actor, and the couple made two films together: Fort Apache (1948, RKO) and Adventure in Baltimore (1949, RKO).[103] The marriage became troubled,[103][104] and Temple divorced Agar on December 5, 1949.[69][103] She was awarded custody of their daughter.[103][105][106] The divorce was finalized on December 5, 1950.

In the Gregorian calendar month 1950, Temple met Charles Alden Black, a war II Navy operative and medal recipient United Nations agency was Assistant to the President of the Hawaiian Pineapple Company.[107][108]
Conservative and patrician, he was the son of James Black, president and later chairman of Pacific Gas and electrical, and seemingly one in all the richest young men in American state.
Temple and Black were married in his parents’ Del four-card monteAmerican state home on December sixteen, 1950, before the atiny low assembly of family and friends

The family moved to Washington, D.C.

when Black was recalled to the Navy at the natural event of the Korean War.[110] On April twenty-eight, 1952, Temple gave birth to a son, Charles Alden Black boy., in

Washington.[99][111][112] Following the war’s end and Black’s discharge from the Navy, the family returned to California in May 1953.

Black managed TV station KABC-TV in l. a. , and Temple became a wife.
Their female offspring, Lori, was born on April nine, 1954;[99] she went on to be a musician for the band the Melvins.

In September 1954, Charles Sr.

became director of business operations for the Stanford analysis Institute, and therefore the family affected to Atherton, California.
4, 2005, reception in Woodside, California of complications from a bone marrow sickness
Shirley Temple Death
Temple died at age 85 on February 10, 2014, at her home in Woodside, California.[116][117] The cause of death, according to her death certificate released on March 3, 2014, was
chronic clogging respiratory organ sickness (COPD).[118] Temple was a womb-to-tomb tobacco user however avoided displaying her habit publically as a result of she didn’t need to line a foul example for her


Shirley Temple Marriage

Shirley Temple Personal Life

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