Shauna Robertson, Age, Career, Life, Height, Net Worth and Twitter

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Shauna Robert biography

Shauna is a Canadian film producer.  She had an association with the Hollywood star which earned her much recognition. As a producer in her own right and continues to enjoy a successful career. Born to a yoga instructor and a hang-gliding instructor. Robertson was raised in a family. Where she was encouraged to pursue her dreams and take risks. Then Her parents’ laid-back attitude gave. Her necessary push to choose a career as a film producer. She is  mother of one, and  knows how to parent efficiently. She  manages her career alongside her family responsibilities. Shauna serves as an inspiration for ambitious women. Those with hectic careers and young children to care for.

Shauna Robert Age

Shauna is 45 years old as of January 2021. She was born in 1975.

Shauna Robertson  Career

Shauna started her career as a helper to the producer. In the director Mike Binder. Whom she had first met at Camp Tamakwa. Then the camp was memorialized in Binder’s 1993 flick ‘Indian Summer.’ In the course of her career. She has also worked with the likes of Jay Roach.

In 2000 she co-produced Jay Roach’s comedy film ‘Meet the Parents.’ While working with McKay on the fantasy comedy. She met Will Ferrell with whom she went on to work on ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,’ a comedy film. The movie received positive reviews and is today widely regarded as one of the best comedy films. She served as the executive producer on a direct-to-video film. Robertson has collaborated with the actor. There were in her several projects. At the age of 16. She quit her studies.

  Shauna Robertson  Life

She was born in Canada. Her father is named Michael. He was a minor celebrity. Then he taught her hang-gliding. Shauna mother is a yoga instructor. She was raised on her two sisters. At the age of 16. She quit her studies. Robertson, she was engaged in her beauty to actor Edward. This was after a few years of dating. In 2002 they got married. The couple has a son Atlas Norton. There she thinks a job as a female. She needs a balance out of male humor in movies.

Shauna Robertson Height

She has a height of 160 cm. Then her weight of 52 kg.

Shauna Robertson net worth.

Her net worth estimates of around 35 million dollars.

Shauna   Ethnicity

She is an ethnic of white.

Shauna Robertson Edward Norton.

In 2008 Norton bought the beachfront for 2.72.million. It is two- unit duplex. It has a total of three bedrooms and bathrooms. Then it can be used as a complete single -family. There has rent out of one of the floors  Client. He spends his time with her wife in the house. He has one of the unique homes. Later Norton scored a pretty incredible discount.

Shauna Robertson  Twitter

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