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Rajee Narinesingh Biography

Rajee Narinesingh is an American transgender actress, activist, author, singer, and reality television personality. She is best known for her appearances on the E! Entertainment docu-series, Botched.

Botched documented her struggles to remove cement from her face, breasts and hips after previous mismanaged fillers by a fake doctor.

Much of the concrete-like substance was removed from her face after her second appearance on the show.

Rajee attended Franklin Learning Center, a performing arts high school in Philadelphia. He later graduated from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Rajee worked at a Korean-owned jewelry store for close to ten years before relocating to Miami, Florida to work for The American Red Cross.

Rajee Narinesingh

Rajee Narinesingh age

Narinesingh was born on April 7, 1967 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S. She is 52 years old as of 2019.

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Rajee Narinesingh Family

Rajindra Narinesingh was born to Boyie “Roop” Narinesingh (died December 2004) and Sandra Narinesingh. She has one younger sister and is of Trinidadian Dougla origin. She was born to an Indo-Trinidadian father and her mother has French, Afro-Trinidadian, and Polynesian roots.

Rajee Narinesingh Botched

She had been transitioning from male-to-female after coming out as transgender in the late 1990s; having thought previously that she was just an effeminate gay man. She went to Oneal Ron Morris AKA The Duchess to receive cheaper alternatives to cosmetic injections.

She was under the impression that the fillers were silicone and that Morris had medical training but knew Morris wasn’t a licensed doctor; there was a “sisterhood” between the two women since both are transgender so Narinesingh trusted Duchess to enhance her appearance. The silicon then turned out to be a concoction of concrete and tire sealant with mineral oil used to soften it, and the holes being plugged up with glue.

Rajee Narinesingh’s plastic surgery gone wrong

She was unaware of this until her body reacted negatively to the substances injected into her about eight months into getting them. Rajee was too embarassed to seek help until a friend urged her to see Dr. John J. Martin, the substances hardened under Narinesingh’s skin causing nodules to form where the chemicals were injected. He began conducting laser therapy with softening injections to raise the substances to the surface and have them removed; this took ten years and by 2015 Narinesingh had most of the cement removed. The process was documented on the E reality show, Botched.

Two years before that, Rajee did a local news interview for an ABC affiliate in Florida which went viral. After that appearance, she led to more high-profile appearances on shows such as: Anderson Cooper 360, Dr. Phil, and The Doctors to name a few. Rajee also acted in a film entitled Bella Maddo and released some original music; her song “Shake My Cement Tits” is popular among her fans.

Rajee Rajindra Books

Windows to My Soul
The Hand I Was Dealt (2003)
Writings of a Demi God (2007)
Beyond Face Value A Journey to True Beauty (2012)

Rajee Narinesingh Songs

“Stumble” (1997)
“Stumble” (re-release) (2013)
“Shake My Cement Tits” (2016)
“Rajee’s Working it Out” (2016)

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