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Peter Gunz Biography

Peter Gunz (born as Peter Pankey Sr) is one of the famous rap duo Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz who are mostly known for their hit hip hop single, “Déjà vu” which was an anthem for the state of New York. His recent fame has been due to his reality television appearances on the popular show called Love and Hip Hop (Show Featured Stars like Remy Ma and Cardi B). 

Peter Gunz  Age

He was born on January 6, 1969, in the Bronx. Gunz is 51 years old as of 2020.

Peter Gunz Education

This information is still under review.

Buddy Guy

Peter Gunz Spouse

Gunz was previously married to a woman named Amina Buddafly. The former bad boy from the Love & Hip Hop decided to get a divorce from her but he didn’t want the dirty details to be aired on their television show.

He revealed that the two had already agreed to split from each other even way before they got the courts involved. They wanted to make sure that they were happy with their decision. Gunz didn’t expect their marriage to last even after the first few months together because he thought their marriage was built on impulse instead of a strong fountain.

Tara Wallace is his former partner.

Peter Gunz Children

Peter has ten kids.

Cory Gunz, the 28 year-old-rapper is his first child. His children have given him two grandchildren, Madison and Mackenzie. His other  children are   Brandon, and Kennedi Brooke who is also a teenager. Phoenix is one of his youngest children and she and Kennedi meet each other often since both of them live in New Orleans.

Another one of his children, Jamison is nicknamed ‘Juice’ and another child, Kaz goes by the name ‘Milk’! He has brothers who are eight and four respectively and from the same mother, Tara Wallace. Cori, the recent addition to the large family, just turned one is Amina Buddafly’s child who is the most recent love interest of Peter’s. When Gunner Ethan born on February 13, 2016, to Tara Wallace, he became the ninth born in the Gunz family.

Peter loves being the role model of his son Cory who is trying to follow his footsteps in pursuing a music career. He is always ready to provide advice to his daughters, who look up to him for relationship advice.

Peter Gunz Responsibility

Gunz is a responsible man who owns up to his mistakes. He fights against any hate which could go towards any of his families. Despite the different mothers for his children, he devotes equal measures of fatherly love and discipline.

His life is unique and a lot of his children enjoy the lifestyle that they are provided with. His time for music and reality shows reveals who he is as well as gives him a huge platform to expand his fan base. He is committed to staying relevant in the hip hop industry because it is his true passion.

Peter Gunz Music Career

The American born and raised rapper, Peter Gunz was brought to the public spotlight with a debut album called ‘Make It Reign’ which was released by hip-hop duo he formed with his friend Lord Tariq. He also used the stage name Othello when he performed as a solo artist.

The old school hip hop rapper actively jumped into the rapping music domain in the ’90s. In 1995, he and Lord Tariq formed their fame duo followed by a single’s release 3 years later a hit. The popular track, Déjà vu (Uptown Baby), was featured in their debut album, Make It Reign.

The one hit wonder peaked on the Billboard charts at number 9 and it finally went platinum in 1998. The duo didn’t last long enough to release another album. As they parted ways in 1999, Peter continued to explore his music abilities by doing collaborations with the likes of top hip hop acts like Big Punisher, Fat Joe, Mariah Carey, Ice Cube and KRS-One.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Peter Gunz spoke about the clearance issues he had to deal with to use the sample behind his number one hit song, Déjà vu, “You know at the time, we didn’t put it out on a label.

You got to remember what that song was. We would go to the tunnel in Brooklyn, we would be in the tunnel and all these different boroughs that were bigger than the Bronx yelling you know Queens bridge or Brooklyn and I started this chant.

Well if it wasn’t for the Bronx this rap, shit probably never would be going on, they could tell me where you from and my whole team would be like uptown nigga so when that became Tariq say yo we should use that shit, that you do that if it wasn’t for the Bronx so we just did a song off of our Steely Dan sample and threw it out. You know the verses are 20 something bars, the hook is 16 bars. It’s about New York and the Bronx we didn’t think nothing of it.”

Once the song started to get really popular, Peter and his partner decided that they needed to take care of the legal ramifications, “The record started growing legs so labels started reaching out so now when the labels reached out we had a bidding war.

It was up to a million dollars. You know, I think Jimmy Iovine had a 1.7 million dollar deal on the table but he reneged last minute so we end up going to Sony for close to a million and now we got these deals on the table and now it’s time to go clear the sample so when we go to clear the sample, they just want all the publishing and 115 thousand dollars in cash so we had to give them all the publishing and paid them 115 thousand in cash.”

Peter Gunz Discography

Here are some of Peter Gunz’s music work;

  • Shaq* featuring DJ Quik and Peter Gunz – Strait Playin’ ‎(12″, Promo)
  • Shaquille O’Neal, Ice Cube, B-Real, Peter Gunz & Krs-One – Men Of Steel Peter Gunz –
  • Peter Gunz and Shaquille O’Neal – The Way It’s Goin’ Down (Twism For Life)
  • Shaquille O’Neal* Featuring Peter Gunz And Public Announcement – Make This A Night To Remember
  • Shaq* / Peter Gunz – You Be Lying (Main Mixes) ‎(CDr, Single, Promo)

Peter Gunz Awards & Nominations

1999-  Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group
1999- Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist

Peter Gunz Net Worth

His approximate net worth is about $500 000.

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