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Marilyn Michaels Wiki

Marilyn Michaels is a comedian, singer, actress, impressionist, author and composer who was born on February 26th, 1943. 

Marilyn Michaels Biography

Cantor and film actor Moishe Oysher was her uncle. She began performing at age 7 on the Yeddish stage and throughout Canada. She became a soloist in her father’s and uncle’s choir at age 14. She attended the High School of Music and Art as a music major, but switched to Art in her sophomore year. While still in high school, she was signed to Debbie Records, headed by Ray Rainwater and her first single, “Johnny Where Are You,” was produced by Phil Ramone.

This was followed by a recording contract with RCA Victor record producers Hugo and Luigi, for which she sang “Tell Tommy I Miss Him” — the answer-song to the hit “Tell Laura I Love Her” by Ray Peterson. She recorded both U.S. and UK versions. She later recorded for Warner Brothers and ABC Paramount and appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Hollywood Palace, The Jackie Gleason American Scene Magazine and NBC’s Hullabaloo, with Sammy Davis Jr. She would appear with Sammy Davis Jr. again on The Name of the Game, The Flip Wilson Show, and Sammy in Acapulco.

After signing with ABC Paramount and starring at New York’s Copacabana in 1965, as well as Las Vegas and London, Marilyn was a star for a year as Fanny Brice in the National Company of Funny Girl. She reprised the role six months after the year-long run ended when Carol Lawrence was injured before her turn as Fanny at the Westbury Music Fair in Long Island, New York.

During Funny Girl, she made appearances on The Dean Martin Show and The Red Skelton Show, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and The Jonathan Winters Show. In 1973 she starred as the only female performer in the Emmy-nominated comedy series The Kopykats for ABC’s Kraft Music Hall. Marilyn later starred with Rich Little in a 1981 TV commercial for the Diet 7 Up Campaign, “Look Who’s Turning Diet 7 Up.”

She appeared in a Playboy pictorial for Playboy as Bette Midler, Bo Derek, Julie Andrews, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, Lily Tomlin and Brooke Shields. She reprised some of these characters while working with Debbie Reynolds on The Love Boat in 1982. In that year, Woody Allen also cast her in a cameo as 30’s film star Mae West in Zelig.

When Allen decided to cut the piece, preferring documentary footage to an impression, Marilyn wrote of her experience working with Allen, including photos showing her dressed in Woody’s garb, for U.S. Magazine. In 1988 she performed five voices for the PBS series Reading Rainbow for the book Gregory the Terrible Eater, and was all the voices for the satire audio book, Frankly Scarlett, I Do Give a Damn!.

She made her Broadway debut at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in the original cast of Catskills on Broadway, the show won the Outer Circle Critics Award for Best Comedy. She also performed in her own revue, Broadway Ballyhoo, at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, and she was the host of the radio show, The Broadway Hour, on WEVD-AM, New York .

She has also written two articles for The New York Times regarding the proposed revival of Funny Girl and has also composed the score, as well as co-written the libretto, to a new musical comedy, Alysha, with son Mark Wilk. In June of 2018, Marilyn and Mark Wilk came out with a humorous biography, How Not to Cook for the Rest of Your Life.

Marilyn Michaels Photos

Actress Marilyn Michaels

Marilyn Michaels Age

M.Michaels was born on February 26, 1944 in New York City, USA. As of 2023, she is 79 years old.

Marilyn Michaels Family

Marilyn Michaels was born in Manhattan to Russian émigrés: Cantoress and actress Fraydele Oysher and father Harold Sternberg, who was a senior basso with the Metropolitan Opera for 37 years.

Marilyn Michaels Husband

She has been married to Steven Portnoff since 6th October 2008.

Marilyn Michaels Children

Information will be updated soon.

Marilyn Michaels Height

Information will be updated soon.

Marilyn Michaels Photo

Marilyn Michaels Salary

Marilyn’s salary is estimated to be between $50k to $100k.

Marilyn Michaels Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be around $1M.

Marilyn Michaels Songs

  • The Moishe Oysher Chanukah Party (1957)
  • Johnny Where Are You (1959)
  • Tell Tommy I Miss Him (single, 1960)
  • Danny (single, ’60)
  • Past the Age of Innocence (single, ’60)
  • Fraydele Oysher and Her Daughter Marilyn: Yiddish Soul (1961)
  • Marilyn Michaels, The Fantastic and Exciting Debut 1963
  • Don’t Count The Days (Bacharach/David single, 1967)
  • Macarthur Park (single, 1967)
  • My Red Riding Hood (single, ’67)
  • I’m Naïve (’67 single, from The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood)
  • The Times They Are A Changin (’67)
  • I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now (’67 Single)
  • Voices (1983)
  • A Mother’s Voice (1998)
  • The Oysher Heritage: Moishe Oysher, Fraydele Oysher (2005)
  • Wonderful At Last (2008)

Marilyn Michaels Movies And TV Shows

  • New Faces (1964)
  • The Jackie Gleason Show (1964)
  • On Broadway Tonight (1964)
  • The Mike Douglas Show (1964)
  • The Ed Sullivan Show (1964)
  • Hullabaloo (1965)
  • The Dean Martin Show (1967)
  • The Red Skelton Show (1967)
  • Snap Judgment (1967)
  • The Joey Bishop Show (1967)
  • The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson (1967)
  • The Jonathan Winters Show (1968)
  • The Dating Game (1968)
  • Operation Entertainment (1968)
  • The Name of the Game (1970)
  • The Engelbert Humperdinck Show (1970)
  • The David Frost Show (1972)
  • The Hollywood Squares (1972)
  • The Flip Wilson Show (1972)
  • The Kopykats (1973)
  • Ed Sullivan On Broadway (1973)
  • The George Kirby Show (1974)
  • Stand Up and Cheer (1974)
  • What’s A Nice Country Like You… (1974)
  • Wide World of Entertainment Special w/ Alan King (1974)
  • Saturday Night Live/Howard Cosell (1975)
  • The Dinah Shore Show (1975)
  • The Bobby Vinton Show (1975)
  • Sammy & Co. in Acapulco (1976)
  • The Mike Douglas Christmas Special (1977)
  • Fantasy Island “Rock Stars” (1979)
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (1980)
  • The Diet 7UP Campaign (1981)
  • The Alan Thicke Show (1981)
  • The Tomorrow Show w/ Tom Snyder (1981)
  • The Breakfast Connection (1981)
  • Regis Morning Show (1981)
  • The John Davidson Show (1981)
  • TV Guide Salute to the 80’s (1981)
  • Live at Five (1981)
  • Good Morning New York (1981)
  • The Love Boat (1982)
  • The Merv Griffin Show (1982)
  • US Magazine Awards (1982)
  • Tribute to the 30’s (Donald O’Connor) (1982)
  • 4th Annual Cheerleading Championship (1982)
  • PM Magazine (1982)
  • The Norm Crosby Show (1983)
  • Tattletales (1983)
  • Tribute to the Olympics (1983)
  • Nightwatch (1983)
  • The Joan Lunden Show (1983)
  • Regis and Kathie Lee (1983/2000)
  • NBC News at Five with Tom Snyder (1983)
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (1984)
  • On Stage America (1984)
  • People’s Choice Awards (1984)
  • Match Game/Hollywood Squares (1984)
  • The Robert Morley Show (1985)
  • The Ruth Westheimer Show (1985)
  • The New Hollywood Squares (1987)
  • The Steve Allen Show (1987)
  • Word Play (1987)
  • The Robert Klein Show (1987)
  • The Tomorrow Show (1987)
  • One Life to Live (1988)
  • People Are Talking (1988)
  • Reading Rainbow- “Gregory the Terrible Eater” (1988)
  • CNBC Talk Live/Beverly Sills (1990)
  • Comedy Central/Jon Stewart (1990)
  • The Howard Stern Show (1990/1991/1996)
  • The Maury Povich Show (1991)
  • The Paul Provenza Show (1992)
  • WLIW Award in Excellence (1997)
  • Women in Comedy (1998)
  • E Channel Celebrity Homes (2000)
  • Sally Jesse Raphael (2000)
  • The Joan Rivers Show (2000)
  • Ticket (2001/2005)
  • Profiles (2018)
  • Good Day New York (2018)
  • WPIX News (2018)

Marilyn Michaels Book| How Not To Cook, for the Rest of Your Life

Marilyn Michaels and Mark Wilk’s How Not to Cook, for the Rest of Your Life is an ANTI-cookbook. Equals parts biography, self-help, and scrimp-n’-save philosophy, this laugh-out-loud rant, served up by America’s premier comedienne/impressionist, is a no holds barred empowerment-driven read.

This humorous tutorial also comes with anecdotes about Woody Allen, Orson Welles, Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, Burt Reynolds, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Donald Trump, and dozens more—as well as priceless money saving advice on curtailing the dollars you would normally blow on trivial things like weddings, summer camps, shrinks, and platform shoes… and using them for hiring a personal chef or housekeeper.

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