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Kerri Green Biography

Kerri Green (Kerri Lee Green) is an American actress and director. She is best known for her roles in The Goonies and Lucas. She also known for her roles as a young teen in a string of teen flicks in the 1980s. The flicks include; Summer Rental in 1985 and Goonies. She starred as the daughter of a stressed-out air traffic controller.

She played cheerleader-turned-adventurer Andrea “Andy” Carmichael in the film Goonies. She starred in the film Lucas in the year 1986. She was at the center of a love triangle between the characters of Corey Haim and Charlie Sheen. In 1987, she starred in the film Three for the Road. It however did not fare well enough.
In 1990, she appeared in an episode of the film In the Heat of the Night. Apperaring as Paul’s secretary, she got a slot in the independent film, Blue Flame. She appeared in two episodes of the television sitcom Mad About You. She took a break from acting to study art at Vassar College.
She eventually co-founded a film production company, Independent Women Artists, with Bonnie Dickenson. She co-wrote and directed the film adaptation of a play about teen pregnancy called Bellyfruit in the year 1999.

Kerri Green Age

Kerri Green was born in Fort Lee, New Jersey, United States of America.

Kerri Green Net Worth

When a professional actor is mentioned, many people want to know how much she is worth. Acting is a very rewarding business. But is is so, because of the talent that accompanies the beautiful productions. Not everyone can brave standing in front of a camera. It takes unmatched courage and talent.
Kerri Green has made most of her fortune from her acting career. She began to accumulate much earnings from her teenage age when she made her breakthrough in the film industry. Her notable films include, Goonies and Summer rental. She has a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Kerri Green Husband

Nine years after her release of the movie Complacent, Kerri Green remains mysteriously missing from the scenes. She has intentionally kept her personal life low key. Her silence and absence has led to a lot of speculations about her marriage life. She hardly speaks about it in public.
She has joined a list of other celebrities who have greatly chosen to keep their life off the limelight. However, great or bad news is that Kerri is married. Though she hardly talks about her husband, romour indicate that the two are living in Los Angeles. Kerri and her husband have two children. She does not publicly mention about them.

Kerri Green Goonies

Kerri Green is famous as Andy Carmichael from the 1985’s American comedy film The Goonies. The film was directed by Richard Donner. She was just a teenager while she portrayed the character of Andy in the movie. Three decades later, she is still recognized with her charismatic role in the film.
Speaking about he co-actors she said, “Sean is one of the sweetest people alive. He could get really hyper so everyone tried to keep him away from the craft service table, because he loved his candy.” “Josh was the cutest, most awesome guy – we all loved him,”
Further revealing about an onscreen kiss with Josh Brolin she said, “I was 17 at the time and it was totally embarrassing. It’s the time of your life when you are the most self-conscious anyway. Then you’re being filmed and you have to kiss Josh Brolin – just humiliating!” She was amazed that her movie was still popular to this date

Kerri Green Now | Kerri Green Today | Kerri Green 2019

Not every celebrity is keen to chase after stardom. Kerri is clearly a member of this category. She has committed herself to a more peaceful life rather than struggling to keep up with the limelight. After leaving the screens, she started working behind the scenes as a writer, as well as, a director.
She co-founded the film production company called Independent Women Artists alongside Bonnie Dickenson in 1996. She still writes screenplays for Hollywood. She hardly however, makes public appearances. She has not recorded any awards to her name. She is not active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Kerri Green And Charlie Sheen

Kerri Green and Charlie Sheen were in 2 on-screen matchups. The both appeared in Lucas(1986) and Three for the Road(1987). Charlie Sheen is a 53 year old American Actor. Their engagements have however remained to be onscreen fantasies that are not reflected in real life.

Kerri Green Facebook

For an actor who has been off the limelight for so long, her fans hope to hear her speak in the social media. Not every celeb who really embraces fame and espcially one that comes with social media. Kerry falls in that bracket. She does not have any active social media accounts and especially facebook.

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