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Geto Boys

Geto Boys Originally Spelled Ghetto Boys are an American rap group from Fifth Ward, Houston, Texas.They hold American nationality.

Geto Boys

Geto Boys Members

The group consists of Scarface Vocals since 1988, Bushwick Bill vocals since 1986, and Willie D Vocals since 1988.

Geto Boys History

When the Geto Boys came together in 1986, Formed as the Ghetto Boys, the group consisted first of Raheem, The Sire Jukebox, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. When Raheem and Sir Rap-A-Lot left, the group added DJ Ready Red, Prince Johnny C, and Little Bill. Little Billy would later become Bushwick Bill. The first single the group released was “Car Freak” in 1986, which then followed with two LPs “You Ain’t Nothin’/I Run This” in 1987, and “Be Down” in 1988.

The group released their premiere album in 1988 entitled, Making Trouble. With the release receiving very little attention, the group broke up shortly thereafter and a new line-up was put together with DJ Ready Red, and the inclusion of Ackshen and Willie ‘D’ Dennis (born in Houston), both aspiring solo artists. After suggesting that Little Billy join the group as a rapper, Willie D wrote: “Size Ain’t Shit.”  It was recorded three days later by Little Billy, who did such a good job rapping his first-ever rap, that he was added to the group, and, Little Billy becomes Bushwick Bill.

The geto boys

By 1993, all three members had begun solo careers, though Willie D. was the only one completely separated from the band, citing artistic differences. Scarface and Bill continued with new member Big Mike, releasing Till Death Do Us Part in 1993, but split late in 1994. Just one year later, Willie D. returned to the fold for another Geto Boys release, The Resurrection, which showed the group in fine form.

Now it was Bushwick Bill’s turn to leave the group. Willie D and Scarface persisted on with the release of 1998’s Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly. After settling his differences with Rap-A-Lot Bill returned for the group’s 2005 reunion album, The Foundation.

After a 10 year hiatus from the rap game, the boys are finally back in the studio to record the long-awaited, Habeas Corpus, which is expected to be their most ambitious project to date.

Geto Boys Albums

  • Geto Boys Albums- The Foundation 2005
  • Da Good, Da Bad & Da Ugly- 1998
  • The Resurrection- 1996
  • Till Death Do Us Part- 1993
  • Uncut Dope- 1992
  • We Can’t Be Stopped- 1991
  • The Geto Boys- 1990
  • Grip It! On That Other Level- 1989
  • Making Trouble- 1988

Geto Boys Songs

Below are some of the most Popular Geto Boys Songs.

  1. Mind Playing Tricks On Me- Geto Boys
  2. Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta- Geto Boys
  3. Still- Geto Boys
  4. G Code- Geto Boys
  5. Free- Geto Boys
  6. Six Feet Deep- Geto Boys
  7. Mind of a Lunatic- Geto Boys
  8. Gangster of Love- Geto Boys
  9. Bring It On- Geto Boys
  10. Chuckie- Geto Boys

Geto Boys Album cover

We Can’t Be Stopped is the third studio album by Geto Boys, released on July 9, 1991. It was among their most successful records in terms of units sold. The album is surveyed track-by-track by Geto Boys in Brian Coleman’s book Check the Technique. We Can’t Be Stopped was certified Platinum in early 1992

The album cover is an illustrative picture of member Bushwick Bill in the hospital. He was shot in the eye as he and his girlfriend tussled over a gun. Bushwick wanted her to kill him and during the altercation, he was shot as both hands were on the gun.

The other two Geto Boys members and the group’s management team took Bill out of the hospital room in order to take the picture, removing his eyepatch and intravenous drip in the process.

Bushwick has expressed regret over the album cover, saying “It still hurts me to look at that cover because that was a personal thing I went through… I still feel the pain from the fact I’ve got a bullet in my brain… I think it was pretty wrong to do it, even though I went along with the program at first.

Geto Boys Bill Bushwick Dies

He died at the age of 52 from Pancreatic Cancer at Colorado Hospital in Houston.

Geto Boys Twitter

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