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Christopher Gorham Biography

Christopher gorham is an American actor who is best known for the ABC series Ugly Betty. He also won Young Male Talent of the Year at an International Modeling Talent Association competition in New York City.

“Covert Affairs” Panel Comic Con

In the fourth grade he starred as the Mad Hatter in Lewis Carroll’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.  This movie earned him the Best Actor award that was usually reserved for sixth graders. He is a licensed auctioneer, having trained with his grandfather in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Christopher Gorham Age

He was born on August 14, 1974. He is  44 years as of 2019.

Christopher Gorham Wife

 Gorham is married to his wife Anel Lopez. They wedded in 2000.

Christopher Gorham Parents

Gorham was born in Fresno, California, to David Gorham who is a confirmed open bookkeeper, and Cathryn Gorham, a school medical attendant.

Christopher Gorham Net worth

 He is said to have  a net worth of $5 million dollars.

Christopher Gorham 2019 New Movie

He will be cast in the new 2019 seasion 2, The Other side of  Heaven.

Christopher Gorham Once Upon a Time

He strongly connected  to Emma Swan and this proved to be a giant headache for any character. With her twist back story and her role as the Chosen One. That was meant to save Storybrook and all those in it the chances that any man could find happiness with her.
She became slimmer the longer they stayed together. Despite never wanting to hurt anyone Swan usually wound up letting someone down and leaving behind her a trail of broken hearts or enemies depending on who she interacted with.

Christopher Gorham Ugly Betty

The series focuses on the life of wannabe writer Betty Suarez. She is a plain girl from Queens, N.Y. She is smart, hardworking and smart but has a different sense of style.

  Bradford Meade puts his son Daniel in charge of his Mode magazine, he hires Betty to be Daniel’s new assistant — mostly because he knows that she may be the only woman in Manhattan with whom the younger man won’t sleep. She played as Henry Grubstick.

Christopher Gorham Height | Christopher Gorham body facts and measurements

Age in 2017: 43 (August 14, 1974)
Height in Meters: 1.82m
Height in Centimeters: 182cm
Height in Feet: 6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight in Kilograms: 77kg
Weight in Pounds: 170lbs
Chest in Inches: 39 Inches
Waist in Inches: 30 Inches
Biceps in Inches: 15 Inches
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Christopher Gorham Interview

INTERVIEWER: So how have you been keeping busy lately?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: Well, we just finished shooting so I’m trying to kind of get back into my real life. I’ve been nesting like a pregnant lady at home trying to resume my routine. So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. We were just in Buenos Aires for two weeks finishing off the season.
INTERVIEWWER: The show shoots on location a lot, right?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: Yeah, we travel quite a bit. Out of the six episodes that start Nov. 6, three of them take place in an international location. The first one we shot a lot of in Istanbul, and then the last two in Buenos Aires.
INTERVIEWER: You directed one of the new episodes. What’s it like to have to manage a show while you act in it?
CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM: Well, directing is a lot more work. And, frankly, if I had my choice, I’d rather direct things that I’m not in, because having to go and look at playback is tough. And also, playing a blind character makes it harder because I can’t really watch what everybody’s doing in the scene while I’m in the scene! [Laughs] So I really do have to rely on going and looking at playback, which slows down the day and drives me crazy as a director.
INTERVIEWER: So when you’re in character, you make sure not to focus on anything?
CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM”: Exactly. I can’t really focus on anything. And then plus, you know, as an actor, you have to be present in the scene. I can’t really be thinking about what the camera’s doing. So, it’s really difficult, directing scenes that you’re in. I’d prefer not doing it, but I love directing, and we have such a fantastic cast on Covert Affairs and it’s just a real pleasure being able to direct my castmates.
INTERVIEWER: What have you liked about playing Auggie Anderson for the past five years?
CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM: Well, there are a lot of things. One, I didn’t realize it was gonna be so rewarding portraying a wounded warrior on TV. You know, the feedback that I’ve gotten from wounded warriors whom I’ve run into on the street or at events, men and women who have gone to war and have come back injured like Auggie did,
The response from them has been overwhelmingly positive, and it just warms my heart that our show is portraying them in such a positive light and really educating a lot of people as to how wounded warriors and how people with vision loss can be a regular part of the workplace and are just like everyone else. That’s been a great gift that keeps on giving about this role.
INTERVIEWER: So the evolving complexity of the character continues to interest you.
CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM: It does, absolutely. And we flashback episodes every season where we go back and see him during his military service. We do another one this season when he’s sighted. It’s great. It keeps getting deeper every year. The military aspect of the role is what has arched my new commitment to physical fitness ‘cause the guy is Special Forces, and those guys are in phenomenal shape, and so every season, I’m constantly playing catchup to look the way that he should look.
INTERVIEWER: Right, so you’ve been playing this character since the show started in 2010, and you’ve had to basically whip yourself into shape for every new season.
CHRISTOPHER GRAHAM: Yeah, exactly. And, you know, I like to mix it up. For instance, this year, I started mixing Pilates with weight training for the first time, and I really, really like it. The body awareness and core strength that I get from Pilates, I then roll right into weight training. I do them back to back. I’ve got a trainer named Aaron Porter who has me do Pilates for an hour, and then Josh Landis is my weight guy who comes right after and we do an hour of weights and it’s really transformative. I really enjoy it.
INTERVIEWER: How many days a week do you work out?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: As much as I can. It’s schedule dependent, but I try to get at least five days a week.
INTERVIEWER: What were some of the workouts you did to prepare yourself for past seasons?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: Yeah, I try to change it up. When it started, I was doing the 300 workout, because one of the guys who was doing stunts on the pilot was in 300 and worked out with those guys, so he was giving us a lot of those exercises, which are kind of similar to CrossFit I guess.
And CrossFit’s kind of something I jumped into last year and was doing. I kind of started in like, a hybrid form of that, where you would do chest and biceps one day and then shoulders and back the next day and then legs the third day, then on Day 4, you’d start again with chest and biceps, and you can just keep going.
INTERVIEWER: Initially, was the transition difficult when you started getting into shape to play this character?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: It was tough because I was coming off a movie where, for the first and probably the last time in my life, a director told me that I was too buff. [Laughs] And so, for a solid two months, I couldn’t work out at all and I was just eating junk and getting soft. And so, then, trying to turn that around in six weeks to go and work on this pilot was just a horrible, horrible experience.
I mean, anyone who exercises knows it’s getting started, getting the routine going is always the hardest part. You know, once you’re six weeks into an exercise routine, it’s easy to keep going, but it’s so, so difficult to start.
INTERVIEWER: Do you remember any specific numbers about the quick transformation you had to undergo for the start of the show in 2010? Muscle gains, weight loss…?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: It’s really hard for me to put on muscle. I mean, I probably put on only like five to seven pounds of muscle, but I could be being generous there. Over time, I may be adding a few pounds of muscle in my memory.
But I was working hard, I was pounding protein and eating lots of chicken every day, doing what I can. And I’m not one of those guys—I’m not a Christian Bale who in two months can turn around and put on 15 pounds of muscle and be this huge dude and then whittle down to nothing. My body just doesn’t work like that.
INTERVIEWER: Are there any exercises you’ve done lately that you find particularly effective?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: I would definitely say Pilates, even without the equipment, like the mat exercises for Pilates are great, really, really great core exercises and are so good for body awareness, which really helps for weightlifting.
Like, I take that core strength and body awareness and I’m able to lift more in my deadlifts, and it just helps with everything. The form of my bench press has improved a lot this last year, and it’s just been getting better.
INTERVIEWER: Should we look for you in any other upcoming movies or shows, aside from Covert Affairs, obviously?
CHRISTOPHER GORHAM: I play the voice of the Flash in the animated Justice League movie (out in January 2015). It never looks better than when it’s done in an animated movie.

Christopher Gorham Popular

Christopher Gorham Instagram

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Ready for the weekend? Happy Friday, @insatiable family! @michaelprovost not pictured. Don’t know why. But, shortly after this pic, he and I got in trouble for throwing the football around. Because actors are delicate, apparently.

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Christopher Gorham Movies




2019Reign of the SupermenBarry Allen / The Flash (voice)
2019The Other Side of Heaven II: Fire of Faith[10]John Groberg
2018The Death of SupermanBarry Allen / The Flash (voice)
2017We Love You, Sally Carmichael!Simon Hayes / Sally Carmichael
2016Justice League vs. Teen TitansBarry Allen / The Flash (voice)
2016A Boy Called PoDavid Wilson
2015Justice League: Throne of AtlantisBarry Allen / The Flash (voice)
2014Justice League: WarBarry Allen / The Flash (voice)
2011The LedgeChris
2011Somebody’s HeroDennis Sullivan
2010My Girlfriend’s BoyfriendEthan Reed
2010Answer This!Paul Tarson
2001The Other Side of HeavenJohn Groberg
2000Dean QuixoteReal happy fella
1997Shopping for FangsExtra
1997A Life Less OrdinaryWalt

Christopher Gorham Tv Shows




1997Spy GameDaniel / Lucas
1997–98Party of FiveElliot
1998Buffy the Vampire SlayerJames Stanley
1998Vengeance UnlimitedJason Harrington
1999Saved by the Bell: The New ClassMark Carlson
1999–2001PopularHarrison John
2001–02FelicityTrevor O’Donnell
2002–03Odyssey 5Neil Taggart
2003BoomtownGordon Sinclair
2003CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCorey
2003Without a TraceJosh Abrams
2003–04Jake 2.0Jake Foley
2004–05Medical InvestigationDr. Miles McCabe
2005–06Out of PracticeBenjamin Barnes
2006Relative ChaosDil Gilbert
2006–10Ugly BettyHenry Grubstick
2008The BatmanWilliam Mallory
2008–09Harper’s IslandHenry Dunn
2010–14Covert AffairsAuggie Anderson
2011Love BitesDale
2012Hot in ClevelandCasey
2014Once Upon a TimeWalsh / The Wizard of Oz
20172 Broke GirlsBobby
2017The MagiciansJohn Gaines
2018–presentInsatiableBob Barnard

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