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Chad Lindberg Biography

Chad Lindberg is an American actor born on November 1, 1976, in Mount Vernon, Washington, U.S.

Chad Lindberg

He is best known for his roles in acting The Fast and Furious and October Sky, as well as television roles on Sons of Anarchy and Supernatural. He was the co-host of the television series Ghost Stalkers.

Chad Lindberg Age

Chad Lindberg was born on November 1, 1976 (he is 42 years old as of 2018)

Chad Lindberg Height/Weight

Chad Lindberg stands at a height of 1.8 m. (he has a weight of 7o kg (154pounds)

Chad Lindberg Net worth

Chad Lindberg has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Chad Lindberg Family

Chad Lindberg was born to Pete Lindberg and Luwana Lindberg. He was raised in Mount Vernon, Washington with his sister Brandi Lindberg.
Linderberg photo

Chad Lindberg Education

Chad Lindberg attended Mount Vernon High School.

Chad Lindberg Actor

Tony Zierra began acting as Rory in Black Circle Boys at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. From there, he made several guest appearances on popular television shows, such as ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The X-Files. He continued pursuing films roles, particularly as Sherman O’Dell in October Sky and Jesse, a stuttering mechanic, in The Fast and Furious.
He received attention in the 2010 remake of the 70s cult classic I Spit On Your Grave. He has also appeared in the recurring role of Chad Willingham on CSI: NY and as Ash on Supernatural. He took part in Tony Zierra’s 2011 documentary My Big Break, which follows the early careers of Lindberg, Wes Bentley, Brad Rowe, and Greg Fawcett. He was also a guest star in the episode of Cape as Hicks, and a professional sniper assassin. He was recently featured as a paranormal investigator on the Destination America program Ghost Stalkers. He has two tattoos of Varg Vikernes on his chest.

Chad Lindberg Movies





Born to be Wild

Burger Boss


413 Hope St.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer




Jadd Houston


Black Circle Boys



The Velocity of Gary

Kid Joey


City of Angels

Balford’s Son


Mercury Rising

James Halstrom


The X-Files

Bobby Rich


The White River Kid

Reggie Weed


October Sky

Sherman O’Dell





The Fast and the Furious






A Midsummer Night’s Rave



The Rookie

Joe David West


The Flats



The Last Samurai

Winchester Rep Assistant


The Failure



Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Eddie Cappilla


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Brody Jones


Cold Case



National Lampoon’s Adam & Eve




Chad Willingham


The Inside

Louis Salt








Punk Love



The Other Side of the Tracks



Sons of Anarchy

Meth Dealer


I Spit on Your Grave




Joey Peanuts


The Cape



Criminal Minds

Tony (one of the hallucinations)


My Big Break




Marco Vinstrolli



Detective Tipton


Ghost Adventures

Himself (Guest Investigator)


Rise of the Zombies



Ghost Stalkers

Himself (Co-Host)


Midnight Rider

Joseph “Red Dog” Campbell


Major Crimes

Bill George


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Dwight Frye


Manson’s Lost Girls

Terry Melcher




Chad Lindberg Tv Shows

  • Blue (web series) 2012 – 2015
  • Ghost Stalkers 2014
  • Ryan Caulfield: Year One 1999

Chad Lindberg near death experience

Chad Lindberg has built a successful and versatile career in the film and television industry with such memorable roles as “Jesse” in the original The Fast and the Furious, “Odell” in October Sky opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, “Matthew” in I Spit on Your Grave, and fan-favorite “Ash” on the hit show Supernatural. Lindberg discovered his passion for the paranormal as a young child, following a near-fatal bout with complications arising from Reye’s Syndrome. After being read his last rites, Lindberg miraculously survived and has since had a sensibility and curiosity surrounding ghosts. He has been investigating the paranormal for four years. Taking what he’s learned and experienced along the way, Lindberg now leads his own paranormal ghost tours, giving fans tours of haunted locations across the country in search of ghosts and answers from the beyond.
He nearly died at seven-years-old, he a possessed sensitivity to paranormal activity. He renowned the paranormal expert, author, and investigator John E.L. Tenney was brought back from the dead at age 17 and has dedicated his career to learning more about what’s beyond the white light. In GHOST STALKERS, Chad and John seek the answer to what’s on the other side using state-of-the-art paranormal investigation equipment and conducting their own solo overnight explorations in America’s most haunted places, including the 200-year old Tennessee plantation never-before featured on television and a small-town Georgia hospital that doubled as a funeral home.
“One of life’s biggest unanswered questions is what happens after you die, and it’s amazing to think that the answer could be found in America’s scariest places, especially from Alcatraz and Amityville murder house to lesser-known locations featured for the first time on TV in GHOST STALKERS,” said Marc Etkind, general manager of Destination America. “Viewers are along for a scary ride, where strange events will make even skeptics question their beliefs.”

Chad Lindberg talk of Supernatural

Chad Lindberg: So Amanda, this is Lynn and Kathy, they wrote a book about Supernatural and the fans.
Kathy: Chad is actually in two of our books – we wrote an academic book, Fandom At The Crossroads, about Supernatural and its amazing fandom, and then we wrote a memoir about all the crazy and wonderful things that happened to us when we were researching the academic book – that turned out to be a book about being a fangirl. That one’s called Fangasm. And Chad is in both.
Chad Lindberg: That’s because we’ve known each other for like seven years! One of the first cons I ever did, we met because they were writing this book, and the convention was showing My Big Break. I introduced them to Tony and Elizabeth (Tony Zierra and Elizabeth Yoffe, director and producer of the amazing documentary film, My Big Break), and we became friends, and we’ve hung out a bunch of times over the years.
Kathy: Tony and Elizabeth literally gave us some life-changing advice – we’re forever indebted to you!
Lynn: I don’t think we would have written Fangasm if it weren’t for Tony, and we wouldn’t have known him if it weren’t for you. He kept saying to us, “Don’t just write the academic book, tell your own story, that’s the real story! I dare you.”
Chad Lindberg: That’s what he said to you? That’s awesome.
Kathy: back to My Big Break – that film wasn’t right without Tony’s perspective, and neither was our book. And he had gone thru that same decision process.
Chad Lindberg: And I see these guys all the time…
Lynn: At the cons — And I remember we had a pretty crazy time on Bourbon Street with you one time too…
Amanda: (with raised eyebrows) Oh?
Lynn: (laughing) Not that crazy! People were recognizing him on the street, and he’d never been there before, so…
Chad Lindberg: It was a good time.
Amanda: He’s always a good time – in a good way, not in a crazy maniac way.
Lynn and Kathy: (are grinning because Chad and Amanda are seriously adorable)
Lynn: What is happening with the film you were cast in, the Allman Brothers biopic? That was such a horrible accident [that happened during location filming]
Chad Lindberg: It was. I was cast as Red Dog, the legendary Red Dog, who was a long haired dude and a zany character. And a lot of work went into it, just preparing, just in terms of like getting the part. Then everything was all lined up and great. The first day of shooting, we were shooting by some train tracks and they didn’t have permission to be on the tracks. Two trains go through, and they went up on the trestle to set up the shot and a train came and they basically all had to run off the tracks and try to get off the bridge. As another train came through, they put a mattress on the tracks and a train came through and rammed into the bed and a 27-year-old production assistant named Sarah was on the bed and it killed her. The first day of filming. Ten people on the crew had to go to the ER, they were really injured.
Lynn: Ohmygod, were you there?
Chad Lindberg: No, thank god. I got an email from my manager, and then it just blew up, it rippled across Hollywood.
Lynn: There was such an outpouring of support. I was proud of the Supernatural for taking part in Slates for Sarah.
Chad Lindberg : (nodding) Yeah, because it needs to be done. So they’ve suspended filming and there’s a criminal investigation into what led to this. The good that’s come out of it will be new rules for safety on set. I know I’m gonna be careful with everything I do, and not afraid to say you know, that doesn’t feel right. And it’s hard because, in a weird way, I was a part of that. I got so many texts that day from people saying, aren’t you in that movie? And I was like, yeah. It was a movie about the Allman Brothers, it was supposed to be like fuck yeah, man…
Lynn: That’s heartbreaking, I’m so sorry
Chad Lindberg: Yeah, it’s heartbreaking, I mean, it’s devastating.
Lynn: Such a tragedy and a loss, and it’s also hard because that sounded like a great film, and it was generating a lot of buzz. I was really happy for you.
Chad Lindberg: Yeah, I felt like it had momentum, I was like here we go, yeah, and then…
Lynn: It sounded like a perfect part for you.
Chad Lindberg: It was yeah, a big part – and playing a real guy. But it wasn’t meant to be. Obviously there are bigger reasons it wasn’t meant to be. My buddy Jeff was saying he was on a set and they had a safety meeting after that, so it’s everywhere and that’s good, and Sarah’s name really means something.
Lynn: It’s made a difference.
Chad Lindberg: Exactly.
Lynn: Might it come back? Could the film still happen?
Chad Lindberg: You never know. It was being produced by Gregg Allman, had a great cast, an amazing cast, so you never know, maybe years from now they’ll try again. Or maybe it has so much taint on it.
Lynn: I wonder if someone could make it, and make it in honor of Sarah.
Chad Lindberg: They could do that, in a year or two maybe, keep the cast hopefully. Ain’t nothing happening until the investigation is squared away though.
Lynn: I’m so sorry. Can we switch gears to talk about something else we wanted to ask about?
Everyone: (is nodding)
Lynn: So you don’t just play a ghostbusting character on television, you do this in real life! Your ghosthunting adventures at the Supernatural cons – people are so excited about it. Tell us about the most recent one – I heard buzz that some pretty unusual things happened.

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