Allegra Cole Biography, Age, Career, Net worth

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Allegra Cole Biography|Who is Allegra Cole

Allegra Cole is an internet sensation who ditched her career as a suburban piano trainer for the glitz and glamour of modelling. She is best known for her giant breasts measuring about 54 inches. With a love for extreme aesthetic, Cole who once had 34C breasts is on a mission to establish herself as an iconic representation of a sensual woman, good mom, homemaker and a businesswoman.

Allegra Cole


She turned 50 years by May 24, 2019

Allegra Early Life

The model was born on May 24, 1969, in Salt Lake City, USA. Details about her parents, family background and education haven’t been made public. However, it is known that Allegra had a strict Mormon upbringing and began exhibiting musical inclination from an early age.

She was a musical prodigy and later became a professional pianist. In addition to performing at the concerts, she is also a piano teacher, till she turned 20 years old.

Allegra Cole Marriage|Kids

Allegra’s relationship status is not certain. This is because she has not shared any details about this with the public or the media, therefore, it is unknown if at all she is married or not. Though, it is no secret that she is a mother because she was enjoying life as a piano teacher and a mother. It is still uncertain how many kids she has.

Allegra Cole Career

At an early age, she was found in music and plays piano in concert. Allegra started her career as a piano teacher and continued working until she was 20. However, she always wants to become a supermodel. And also her ambition was to be the first woman to have big breast and make them look classy. In 2018, she finally has her breasts as big as she dreamed. Currently, her breast weighs over 20 lbs.

Allegra Cole

Now Cole is one of the most craved celebrities in the adult industry. She has clearly stated that she doesn’t want her in XXX movies or Stripper industries.

During a short documentary made on her, the model accepted that she had always been “the one who stuck out the most.” This short interview also showed one of her expansion sessions, and Allegra admitted there that she is terrified of needles.

Allegra has a very intense relationship with her fans. If she is stopped on the streets by a fan, she doesn’t hesitate to take pictures & talk to them. However, her manager often tries to shield her as far as possible.

Allegra Cole Plastic Surgery

She is one of most women who are not fond of bras and are kinda frustrated having to always put them on.
Given that she eyed the modelling industry, she quit her Mormon lifestyle and being a piano teacher. She was aware that she couldn’t provide much as a model, as a result, she got her new look by going under the knife.

Allegra Cole Before Surgery

Cole craved for a fuller and much rounder breasts, so far she has spent about $75,000 on cosmetic surgery. After her first boob job, she felt much more confident of her body and began to post some of her hot pictures online for sale.
The decision paid off, thus, giving her much more desire to go bigger with what she had started and this provided the adequate funds that she needed for her second surgery. ( about a decade later)

Allegra Cole After Surgery

Allegra Cole can barely tie up her shoes, and sources have revealed that she does not plan on stopping the surgeries any time soon. Her surgeries include lip enhancement, Botox facial fillers, three boob jobs and some expanders, allowing her to grow her breasts as large as she wants. She has also had a Brazilian type of bottom lift.

Allegra Cole Instagram

Net worth

Cole earns huge numbers of money from the modelling industry. She almost makes $100,000 per annual for posting sexy pictures. As of 2018, her net worth is not cleared and its .under-review.

Now, her Instagram profile has more than 600K followers, and it is her most used social media account. The photos she posts usually have an erotic colour to them.

Cole earns a handsome income every year, mostly from ads on her Instagram page and paid invitations to important events at nightclubs.

Allegra Cole Twitter

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